If you had been around the day before yesterday you may have perused the posting “Which is the Molecule…” . This posting was  a gut reaction to yet another example of a group of young adults who have never matured to the point that they possess the capability for rational, incisive thought. Pardon my momentary loss of hope for the future of my country.

Saira Blair, a young conservative, like a blossom in a snow drift, is both unexpected and breathtaking in her simple commitment to follow what she believes to be the right path.

Such governors as rational thinking, accepting responsibility, obedience to law, respect  for the family, respect for human life and evidently, respect for knowledge find small purchase  on  todays campuses. So Thank you Sara, just when I give in to the suspicion that ours is a nation of  Romper Room intellectuals, forever trying to convince the world that all you needed to know is what you learned in Kindergarten, a beacon of hope like you appears on the horizon.  The road might be rough and treacherous in the black of a moonless night, but the occasional person of true grit will  warm our hearts hearth and steel us against the unknown future.





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