A little bit of humor in defining an essential difference between  practicing spiritual discipline and blind obedience to your sugar daddy.

When Jesus Christ says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  It is the spirit that is being addressed in the suggestion. There must be an evolution of the personality,  an essential change in how you see the world, yourself and others. Sometimes, (most frequently)  the spiritual lesson goes against our natural instincts,(feeding, fighting, fleeing or romance). The prescriptions are as hard as the proscriptions for Christians. Forgiving others is hard work, turning the other cheek  is spiritually demanding, and emotionally exhausting. It is more difficult being good than bad. Good people feel bad when sociopaths don’t even know they should. Christianity requires we act in opposition to our instinctive drives. It teaches emotional and physical restraint of the drive to be aggressive, to be sexual, to take without hesitation, to do harm without remorse.   Islam on the other hand, opens the door to utter lawlessness at the hands of its adherents. Except for Zeros (women). Good way to evangelize, offer the pigeon  a god-like power over the life and death of women, younger men, children, any Jew you can get the drop on, or any non-believer you can get in your sights. The only person who you are not given permission to kill on a personal whim are other Muslims! Though, if you are the patriarch, you can kill members of your own family to save family honor. You know, any reason at all! “My goodness!” Said the dainty old dowager. “How pugnacious!”

Payment, in the form of bandit booty, is divided scripturaly by  Mohammad,  an active lifetime caravan bandit.  In other words, Big Mo got about 40% of the booty gained by his followers through murder, rape, ransom and other traditional Bedouin recreational activities. Jesus, conversely, ran a non-profit organization. Just daily bread is requested.

Mo taught his followers to crap in a certain spot, to drink camel urine as a panacea  treatment  to many ills, that women need to shave their privates for their masters pleasure, that you can have  as many as four wives, but  (if you’re male) you can have as many rape slaves as you want, that you should kill jews instantly whenever you meet them.

A common aspect of all religious practice is the struggle against the tyranny of our natural drives. Whether it is Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism or any other currently practiced religion, the point is the internal spiritual renovation of the personality (soul, as you have it).  If your a Muslim,praying five times a day when your raping and pillaging constitutes a good day.

No spiritual wisdom could possibly co-exist with Koranic beliefs. Islam serves the base instincts of the male believer exclusively. Most religions prohibit what is permitted in Islam. For good reason.

P.S. Enjoy the vid.  { thx Steve Crowder}


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