Cat Calls in the Mist

But how would you feel if no ever one said anything as you passed. This vid is a rebuttal to the recent viral vid of a woman being “cat called” while strolling down a city sidewalk. The vid in question was crafted to expose the terrible humiliation women must endure from the inappropriate comments of men on the street.

 Personal plea: Please don’t make wolf-whistles and such off limits. It is part of the spice of the gender war we all have come to know and love(within limits of course).  According to my poll, (sample group is my brood ) they all would hate it if they never, ever got an occasional whistle or “Yeah baby”.  I can’t find anyone who thinks the innocuous greetings in the vid were even inappropriate!

From anecdotal experience I find that most “normal” women consider a little male attention complimentary. Scenario: Two women walking down a city sidewalk. One is quite pretty, the other is a real bowser. As they walk, the men on the street occasionally  wolf whistle at the pretty girl. For the homely one,… nada. How do you think the ugly girl feels about her lack of “inappropriate” attention?  I suggest any fem that would object too stridentlyhas personal problems with their attitude. Klik to see vid.

I hope they don’t attempt to criminalize cat calls and such. It is  an area fraught with potential for abuse.

Example: A recent pole issued to high school girls reports that the girls were quite offended by such attention……unless the perp was a hotty! Then they were just fine with the  insult “compliment.”

At present, careers and lives are being ruined by accusations of harassment. A lot rests on the mind set of the female involved.  Too much rests on the mind set of the female involved.

The game should be handled gently, gingerly. The gross, aggressive or rude behavior destroys the simple pleasures of the give and take of the gentle gender war we have always toyed with as a society, Underlying all is respect and restraint. The ambiance should be light, ephemeral; never heavy or abusive. Lets us play in our Magic Garden till’ the day fades away.



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