Saturday morning used to hold an almost sacred place among the pre-cable generation. I remember the cardboard displays of a vicious television eating our money in the Lobby of the “Rialto”  movie theater. It was a warning about the terrible pay T.V. that was coming soon (cable). Many believed the movie industry was teetering on the cusp of demise at this development. 

Cartoons were broadcast exclusively on Saturday morning and a little bit after school. I remember a kiddie show character, “Major Astro” playing toons every afternoon after school. He was a guy that hosted the afterschool kids show as an astronaut. He would wear a space suit and play just a few really terrible kids marionette shows  and toons.  It is interesting to note that ‘Astroboy’ was one of his regular entries. But more about that some other time. The best toons, the Warner Bros. Cartoons, originally made for theatrical release, were the best. They were broadcast only on Saturday morning. So here is some entertaining (and educational) stuff to watch. Try it! You’ll like it!



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