Paul GriffithWinston Smith is the protagonist in George Orwell’s (Eric Blair) novel, 1984. It is the story of a beaureaudrone who rewrote history for the government. The government is a nightmare of repression and mind control.In Winston Smiths world, the subtle terror of having your private thoughts plumbed at the behest of some omniscient “Big Brother”  hovered about each interaction. That was a novel. Eric Blair wrote it about some distant time and place where such outrageous things happen. When I read the book back in the 60’s I could not conceive of the American spirit so ruined that such things would evolve. Even with the Nam debacle raging and the counter-culture demonstrating and students taking over college campuses, Blairs vision seemed to far away in time and, of course,  never would it happen HERE!  Well guess what…IT HAPPENED  That place is here. That time is now. Let us linger and contemplate…THE TIME IS RIGHT NOW, THE PLACE, YOUR ADDRESS. In the land of the first amendment what you say (and commensurately, what you think), will get you busted. Right now.  Hooduh thunk it!

P.S. maybe you shouldn’t think about it.

You could get in trouble.


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