HagelYaalonA truly amazing aspect of  Obama’s quest to destroy the United States is the fact that he can shred Americas  foreign relations and not even offer up a defense. In his inaugural address, (virtually the first act as president), Obama gave special dispensation to Islam above all other nations on the planet. The only salient aspect of Islam (The religion on the whole is a contrivance of second-hand renderings of other, established religions strained thru Bedouin thuggery )  that marked it for special dispensation was the fact that Islam is killing more people than anybody else. ON THE OTHER HAND: Obama’s relationship with Israel has been conflicted  from before day one. Obama makes his judgments about Israel not from experience, but from a wellspring of anti-Semitism issuing from progressives in academia, the limo libs of the Hampton’s, and others of the clam chowda Libs of the northeastern seaboard. This is an existential threat that worries Israel more than anything based on real behavior. Israel in particular is in a position to fear ideological bigotry. It was an ideology that subsumed their near annihilation at the hands of the Germans back in WWII.  Ideological bigotry resists change, and it can be ginned into violent action sans evidence rather quickly. The last time a geopolitical chemistry like this happened was during the ‘Jimmy Carter Incident’ back In the late ’70s. The arab nations react to Israel in a strained relationship with the U.S. like somebody just shot off the starting gun at a demolition derby. The middle east just combusts.

The symbiosis between Israel and America is the gyroscope of the Arab world. When the gyro quits the Arab world reacts. Violence,  the only coping mechanism that is trusted is prevailed upon. The insurrections and wars begin.






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