Pat sounds pissed. He’s taking it personally. He is pissed with college students suffering the delusion that they know something. They come, shuffling along,  gaze on their feet, jaw slack and sullen upward glance. Spineless contempt of the truly spoiled rotten child..

They are not the greatest generation. They aren’t spawn of the greatest generation, nor are they cousin of the greatest. OOOOOOhhhh maybe the great-grandson/daughter of the greatest. They are the transitional generations. The 60’s had it’s cultural impact.  The old value system was failing. Capitalism was considered gauche, money a barely necessary evil, fatherhood an anachronism and motherhood a trap.

Rather than evolving through a smooth transition into a New Utopia,… we partied the 70’s away… Then a couple generations were born of  these narcissistic pseudo-adults.  They were given toys to occupy themselves.  Outa’ sight …outa’ mind. Two generations raised by MTV (Me T.V.) Now run by MTV alumni. No adults anywhere at any age. No parents when we relate to our children as equals.  Vague relationships in groups with no tradition to guide them, just a set of approved attitudes about current progressive trends.

But, above all other considerations, no crucible to test their metal. No great deprivation to instill grit and perspective. The Absent Generation has had no Great Depression or World war to challenge the mettle and grow a character. Their internal structure was installed by the pop culture radiating from their T.V, computer and I-phone. Spineless and bitter, the new scholar, programmed by the bloodless mandates of popular progressivism, is an example of such self absorption run riot. This ‘PC’ peon cannot truly connect. He cannot hear anyone else over the  caterwauling of his internal demands for everything. Burned out by moral relativism, nothing has value therefore nothing is valued. The new scholar sees dark shadows at the perimeter of his path. Places he dare not go lest the approved theory be proven wrong, or his approved list of nomenclature not be current. The new scholar is not educated. He is programmed. 

Debs Disclaimer

But Pat is in England and they are farther down the socialism road than we are. And who knows, this generation has it’s own travail,(our holy war with Islam) and my gut tells me America will have a good crop of leaders soon. Lets just hope that our crucible doesn’t get too hot.




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