Luka Brazzi  with ovaries has a few words of rationality to toss into the Donnybrook over the kids from south of the border. It’s a  no wonder that rational thinking is now imbibed with a bit of defensive cynicism. I of course cannot agree with every strident epithet that Coulter spouts, but when you want the hogs called in you don’t grab the spinster down the block, you get Billyraybob the hog caller who won the  KISS- YR- SISS  annual Hog Holler Jamboree!

I was crouching behind my mothers big Wing-backed easy chair whispering about Santa Clause  to Douglas  (best friend) early one December in ’63. I was seven and my brother, who had been sitting in the chair all along, announced (rather bluntly I might add) there was no Santa Clause. Yeah I was devastated . I punched him as hard as I could,…the bastard laughed.

Now put a conservative In my brother role and you play me receiving the bad news. This will help you gain some insight into the workings of the liberal mind. Just like that fateful moment that I a heard that one my icons of happiness, dear ol’ Santa, was  a red herring! A world of misery was my reward for increased knowledge!

The liberal mind does not mind losing on points in a debate over social issues or any other issue. The liberal must prevent , at all costs, revelation that the fantasy world they live in des not exist. When the whole house is built of cards, any disturbance, no matter how miniscule will send the whole construct crashing down.


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