I hope they have enough virgins in heaven, because Muslims are dispatching Muslims at an admirable pace. Keep up the faith boys and girls!  Allah Akbar fellow babies! I wonder about the character of the Japanese. I have heard interviews with old German Wehrmacht soldiers, and there are some on record refusing to follow orders to kill prisoners. I have, in the half century of my life, only two  occasions when Japanese even admitted that such war crimes even happened. Last time I checked, (about a decade ago) there was still an active debate over  the “Rape of  Nanking.”  Hell there are still those who deny any action in Nanking at all ! For a decade before Americas entry into the war Japan cut a ragged swath of blood  murder and torture over the greater portion of Asia.  Prisoners served as living lab rats for experimentation.  Vivisection happened as a matter of course. In the “Medical Units, prisoners, both military and civilian, were deliberately infected with everything from typhus to hemorrhagic fever, arms and legs were broken to study bone mending, prisoners were frozen to study hypothermia. The list of atrocities is endless.

If the ISIS succeeds in taking Baghdad The above-mentioned crimes will pale in comparison to the wholesale massacre that will happen. This is a group that has shown a vested interest in showing the world that they are the greatest Muslim martyrs and murderers around. . 




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