This vid is raw data quality. An early release, hesitant cadence in the voice-over. But interesting. I’ll post on this event  again later.An organization for Ex-Border Patrol Agents swears the current influx of  illegal alien children has been deliberately fabricated by the Obama administration. Last Thursday it was announced that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will be extended. There are south American newspapers are encouraging parents to dump their kids here in the hope that they will remain in the states.
As yet there is no smoking gun connections that point to a deliberate contrivance. But the border patrol is not happy. I cannot agree however, that the extension of the child arrival program alone pushed this crisis. It appears this is a south of the border precipitated crisis. These parents were encourage to toss their children into the arms and tender mercies of the infamous Coyote people smugglers to bring then abandon here in the hope that they will be picked up and taken care of


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