Mohammed Yusuf founded Boko Haram (“western knowledge is a sin”), with the intent on establishing a Taliban-like organization in Nigeria. Sharia law would prevail as the legal system. Stoning, amputations, beatings and suspension of rights. Not to mention honor-killing the women in your family, punishment of rape victims, unequal treatment of women in all public and private situations. Sex slavery has been accepted in Islam since it’s genesis. A sex slave is referred to in the Koran a “possession of the right hand.” Mohammad had sex slaves, (rape-slave is a good way of putting it).
It is important to note that the crimes above stated are not proscribed by the Koran. The Koran just gives every Muslim male God-like power over everybody considered a lesser being than him. These “lesser beings” include anyone younger than the Muslim male, any female and anyone who was not a Muslim. With divine license such as this the behavior of Boko Haram is understandable. The Lord of Flies is at the gates. What’s next ?


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