As the mass of black infiltrated the parameter of our camp, we  realized guns do little more than make noise and spread the biting  fire-ants all over each other with each shot. Evil, once clearly defined by the banners of our enemy, has changed tactics. Once the dragon reared its head in fire and bluster and beastly glory. The war drums would beat at the head of columns of warriors. Now the evil creeps, silently from a thousand rivulets, from each crack and crevice of our civilization we are slapping in frantic impotance at our aggressors. It seems overwhelming.
Wars and rumors of wars. A cautionary tale and whispered warning of what AMERICA might do in response to the unrest along the 38th parallel.

The enemy are unconcerned. Because our fearless leader has spent the last five years making idle threats and fudging on lines drawn in the sand. He has failed to take a stand and keep it.
The fact is, that the U.S. is not mentioned because no one is concerned about the troubled ruminations of a paper tiger. Loved or loathed we were a force of consideration in the past. Now we are a yield sign that’s been run over and tossed in a bar ditch.

Playing a dangerous game of hide and seek with history. We are leaving too many vacuums to be filled… God knows who will find themselves in charge of this mess.

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