Precious moments, those times in the back room…plotting to decieve the infidels!

Things done in the dark. So that they might not be seen too clearly. Time tested techniques,  in managing image, expanding influence.  and fooling the “uwashed” masses. As a retired criminal I can tell you the the lier does not respect the victim. The predator cannot respect it’s prey. The prey is the chump. The fool that deserves to be humiliated just because he/she is stupid enough to fall for your line of poopus. I loath the thought of ever being s naïve that I could be such a low and disgusting creature as a victim.

So useful idiots. Know your place in the universal scheme of things. You are the person that can be looked down upon by virtually  everyone You know whqat you use when you have some especialy gooey cat crap on your shoe.


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