Truth is Truth

Your husband is screwing your sisters 9 year old daughter. She is his fourth wife. He proved to the local Sheik that he could afford to keep another wife so he got one.   Not to worry to much, the entire culture supports the practice of pedophilia based upon the life of the prophet. Mohammad  married Aisha  at age 6 and waited to deflower her at the ripe old age of, you guessed it.  Imagine a fifty something male  body undulating on a little girl of nine. THAT is the truth of Islam.

Below is the uncut version of the infamous soccer stadium execution of


Zarmeena. When I first contemplated posting this now-infamous piece of video I wondered if I would even be allowed to download such material. (And thus he exposes his lack of history in the blogging biz.) But the truth is of an immutable quality.  It is unforgiving of ignorance and ignoring the truth always brings trouble.

Societies are as families, they develop an internal equilibrium based on values of the group. When the values of a society are dysfunctioning, the truth threatens to tumble the house of cards. The truth in such a dystonic society, is terrifying. The more unrealistic or ineffective the values, the greater the need for a wall of defensive cushioning around the ego.

So lets talk about dog whistels and innuendo while the shadows cast from the badland fall across our fading final moments. It is the harbinger. It’s patron is death. And such is the truth of islam.



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