Sad the We Have to State the Obvious

Sad the We Have to State the Obvious

It is difficult for me to process the news of the Iran/U.S. nuke deal.  !00% is hard to find, but against my natural instinct to disbelieve anyone can be so wrong so consistently I have come to believe we have achieved 100% failure in our middle East policy.
We backed the Muslim Brotherhood in ousting  a despot who kept the peace with Israel, and had a stabilizing influence the area in general. The Brotherhood, whom we backed, has been an admitted enemy of the west and has publicly stated as much in their charter. Libya is burning, Egypt is repairing our damage, Afghanistans’ Karsi disses us before the world even though his countries soil is nourished on American blood and treasure. Pakistan has brokered a deal with the House of Saud for warheads, Israel wails at the limitless stupidity of the deal with Iran. The amateur admistration has trashed the sanctions crafted and in place for years for a promise of a six month moratorium on Nuke development by the Iranians.
The SAFEST way to interpret this deal is that the Iranians feel free to pause production of enriched uranium because the have already achieved their goal
It is written that the infidel is enemy and the infidel must be killed or at least be made to “feel his humiliation” through deliberate oppression. The deity is a caravan raider who personally killed through war and banditry, many innocent people. The Prophet would then favor the some of the men he murdered by consenting to “take care” of their wives. This means taking them as sex slaves for raping at the discretion of the prophet.
The Obama administration is suspending the only action that has had a deleterious affect on this rogue regime, a regime founded of the above described prophet. For a promise.
It’s enough to make an old apostate returne to the fold.

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