Kill? Sure no Biggy

Kill? Sure no Biggy

It really doesn’t take much to turn an average human being into a killer. The article  am linking to gives some good insight into the character of some muslims. But I take issue with implication that the violent muslim is a product of an entire upbringing on a solid diet of religion and violence.  You can do the same with 9 weeks of basic training.

Regretably, their appears to be much more evidence that points to a basic violent disposition in man that has only to be given one thing to open the male personality to committing violence. Permission. The “Average Joe” recruite has one thing the guy on the street doesn’t have. Permission to do the dirty deed.  If it took much more than a nudge and a pat on the butt to build a killer then the holocost could never have been arranged and executed. Permission from your commanding officer is one thing, permission from your country is even more potent. But the go-ahead to wreak havoc that comes from the head dude, ya know, Allah,  is pure gold!

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