De’tent from the Little Table

On thanksgiving we sat at the little table.  The adults sat at the big table. We got the de jure Menu, same as the grown-ups, plus macaroni and cheese for the hold-out pre-pubile purists.  One 12 or 13 year-old daughter would be chosen to sit at the little table keep it civil.  The pecking order said it all.  We were children, concerned with childish things.

While the Muslim world burns, governments fall and rise.  The harsh travails of life are common in the real world.  Countless humans are subjugated, murdered and exploited every day.  And we, at the small table, where childish demands grow to be political crusades, continue to quarrel about trivialities.

While we bicker about vagina votes and whether two Kens or two Barbies should stand on a wedding cake, our erstwhile allies cringe at our petty and pointless caterwauling and feckless finger wagging.  Our enemies smile.  They know the score.  Things in the real world have been evolving or devolving, as you have it, and we have failed to act.   Our leaders have chosen denial as a coping strategy.  We have marginalized our country.  I.E. we have gelded ourselves for fear of offending someone.

The remnants of the Ottoman Empire sold Palestine to the British.  The British subdivided it to the Israelis and local Bedouins on the heels of World War two.  Other Arabs attacked it (Israel) and ran the locals out of their homelands.  Thus the blood feud between nearly every Muslim on the planet and the itsy-bitsy brand-new state of Israel was initiated.  Israel, our stalwart, now stands on the frontier, the last outpost of civilization, the first to take the hit for us.

The last time an anti-Semite POTUS presided, the Shaw of Iran fell and the Ayatollah ushered in the true Arab Spring.  And with the fall of the Soviet Union, all formerly aligned despots took a powder.  Secular dictators gave it up to theocracies, which no one can control.

Iran is the 800 lb. gorilla at the head of the big table.  Back in the 70’s it dragged Jimmy Carter around  like a suitcase in a Samsonite commercial.  Our present poobah, Barry, (Oops he prefers Obama over his Christian moniker) has signaled not only weakness but quiet complicity with muslim  interests  since his inauguration, “Bow to yer partner…. to the caller…allemande left…”  as the mullahs plod on to nuclear virility and the total destruction of the state of Israel virtually unmolested by the U.S.    The mullahs have stated that as the agent of the destruction of Israel, they are fulfilling Koranic prophesy by initiating the final apocalypse.  They believe it.  They mean it. THEY WILL DO IT.

They have nuclear intentions and genocidal intent.  We of the feminized west, with a bad case of cultural battered spouse syndrome, have crawled to a corner, apologized to the beater and asked his forgiveness for any prosperity or happiness we may have.  But evil will never relent.  Evil will only take more until nothing is left.

As we stand astride a new millennium we are in mortal danger.  Moral weakness and denial of immutable truth is our demise.   As depicted in the Bosch painting at the top of this page, as we stand in our twilight, facing the growing darkness, such demons shuffle about in the shadows. We can no longer deny they exist.

We used to be founders of the feast.  Now it’s, “Shut up and eat your macaroni.”

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