About Me


           My name is John Mixon and I am just overjoyed to be here..I am as a matter of fact, happy to be anywhere. Life has made another attempt on my life again so I took early retirement.  And the poverty that comes with it.

Lil’ Debbie (partner) took off a couple years too because she thought I was gonna die soon.

A lifetime is a chronicle of the evolution of history. I have achieved a lot, degrees and professional career, five kids and a marriage all intact….And every conceivable mistake, addiction, perversity and intemperance.

And surprisingly I am still alive and miraculously, I am making a strong comeback!

I have a mission.

The love affair is on.

But I fear for  the world, We are letting the jewel of human history slip away. We are abandoning the culture we built.

The natural growth of free societies has been perverted by Liberalisms reckless abandonment of institutions and belief systems that have developed over thousands of years of history. The nuclear family, free enterprise, the Judeo/Christian work and social ethic.

The truth itself…

all are under assault.

I am here to help define the face of evil.

To illuminate the face of good and the war between good and evil.

To shine a light on the shadows.

John Austin Mixon B.S., M.B.S., LPC




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