The Gentle Wisdom of Bill Murry


Bill Murry can just walk into the room and I smile. He has a goofy face and generally comedic air about him that teases a giggle out of the most grim an audience.

With all this creative ability one would think he was a straight-down-the line limonene liberal, blaming all on the rich and bemoaning the plight of this group or that group of petitioners. Surprisingly, however, he speaks of addressing everyone rather than pet groups and causes. With other actors I struggle when their online persona is counter to their words. Some of my favorite actors open their mouths about politics and ruin it for me. It is sometimes difficult to forget their lunatic unicorn politics and believe the character they portray on-screen. Though Bill doesn’t present a wild-eyed firebrand of right wing platitudes, he does speak to the identity politics that seems to dominate our choices of candidates and causes.   Even Bills gentle prodding is Better than “nothing”!


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